Dynamic Tours – Company Profile

Dynamic Tours is a private travel agency specializing in providing comprehensive solutions the field of luxury tourism for the business sector – tailor made according to the individual needs of every customer.

Dynamic Tours, situated in the prestigious business oriented area of the Diamond Stock Exchange in Ramat Gan, was founded back in 1994 by Orly Hecht Hayut and since then has established itself as Israel's leading provider of luxury travel services for top business executives.

Dynamic provides its clients with the following services:

    • Hotel and luxury vacations reservations dealing directly with the world's top resorts: LHW, SLH, Six Senses, The Four Seasons, The Hyatt and many more. Every reservation is executed according to the exact specifications provided by the customer, taking into account the venue of his/her business meetings.
    • Planning the entire travel itinerary, considering time, cost, convenience and flexibility variables. Leaving the customer with nothing to worry about.
    • Issuing boarding tickets in a quick and efficient fashion, taking care of both preferred seats reservations, the exact meals that will be served as well as an advanced security inspection.
    • Taking care of any upgrades, bonus features and ticketing issues in a wide variety of frequent flyer programs.
    • Issuing travel visas and tickets for events worldwide.
    • Alignment and Corporate agreements with various airlines
    • Booking private flights and unique hospitality lounges in airports.
    • Reservations of private vacations in luxurious destinations, emphasizing the nature of the vacation as specified by the customer, the locations of the resort and the exact budget allocated for accommodation purposes.
    • Private transfers from/to the airport in vehicles of all levels, VIP airport treatment, organizing for a private chauffeur to accompany our clients during his/her stay, organizing for a prompt conference room if necessary.

After years of hard work, Dynamic has successfully positioned and braded itself as an exclusive travel agency whose clients are mostly top business executives. Some of them include: Real Estate executives, Hi-Tech executives, Investment Firms and Credit Granting services' senior officials, Jewelers and additional prominent institutional and industrial companies, personnel that enjoy a rather significant travelling budget.